Hunting The Bogeyman

.OK, so here I am. Again. Back at my stupid, stupid, fucky old canada goose outlet florida job facilitating the acquisition of accurate research data for sociopathic canada goose outlet multi nationals. Ticking boxes and going through the motions for malevolent, imbecilic and monstrous canada goose outlet 2015 bints. Yeah, it sucks but what really fucks with me is how the cancer of toxic personality trickles its way down the corporate ladder canada goose outlet mall infecting everyone in the whole organisation.I went to the canada goose outlet 80 off staff toilet canada goose kensington parka uk on our floor today. I think it’s the first time I’ve been to the toilet whilst at work since I’ve been back. No, not because I’m afraid, but because canada goose outlet boston I don’t drink enough water, although after today experience I don’t want to go back. Standing at the urinal I couldn’t help but notice that the wall at eye level was spattered withbogeys. I’m not talking about a dried phlegmy spit which is gross but quite common to see in canada goose outlet winnipeg male toilets, but a serious spattering of crusty boogers.I examined the form and pattern trying to work out canada goose uk site what the canada goose outlet in canada volcanic arsehole was canada goose outlet toronto going on. There was no way this was just an unguarded sneeze, there must have been over canada goose outlet uk 100 of them. This was a conscious and premeditated work undertaken over months while I’ve been absent. It was a canada goose outlet in new york veritable nose goblin collection that Stimpy himself would have been proud of. I was fucking appalled!So, was the Bogey Collector just leaning back while pissing and canada goose outlet ottawa blowing the loose bogeys out onto the wall? No. I don’t think so. That may have been how it started but it had since gotten way out of control. He really liked this. He liked putting the bogeys up and he loved that they were staying there and that there was nowhere else to look canada goose outlet nyc but at them. There were some that were definitely picked, I could see what looked like canada goose outlet in vancouver smear marks trailing from some of them. This meant he was standing there, pissing, dick in one hand, other hand stuck up his nose fishing out grunties and then wiping them on the wall. Now that is just cunting well wrong! I don’t blame the cleaners for not cleaning the bogeys off. That’s not their job, this is vandalism, this is some crazy fucking act of mucus terrorism. buy canada goose uk ONE OF THEM HAS A CUNTING GREAT HAIR IN IT, FOR SHIT’S SAKE!!! Quick call forensics! I need that fucker DNA tested so I can track this snot fiend down.I left the toilet. Nauseated. Outraged. Bogeys on the canada goose outlet toronto address fucking wall! WHY!!! It doesn’t hurt The Wobblers, they don’t use the gentsmaybe canada goose outlet parka they do eew!!! As a form of protest it is completely canada goose premium outlet redundant. It’s just fucking gross. canada goose outlet houston It canada goose outlet seattle only serves to further demoralise people who hate being there anyway.You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site.Yeah I know what you mean, it started a month before you left, I noticed it then but not to the same extent. THERE IS A FUCKING TOILET THERE!!! If you really need to pick your fucking nose put it the toilet!!!! then flush! problem fucking solved!ARGH! ITS BAD ENOUGH THAT WE HAVE TO PUT UP WITH THE SHITE THAT SPEWS OUT OF THE MOUTH OF THE AUSTRALIAN PUBLIC BUT WHEN WE GO TO OUR ESCAPE OUR SWEET FUCKING ESCAPE WE NEED TO STARE AT A WALL WITH FILTH ALL OVER IT.

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