My major is undecided, but will almost certainly be focused in the humanities (particularly English, history, and art history/visual culture, would really love if my school had an interdisciplinary humanities major or allowed me to combine them with a personal major). I also have strong interests in studio art and biology (the ecology/zoology and botany side of things). For some reason, I have decided I would really like to learn Persian in college, but my second choice languages are Italian, German, and Japanese.

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moncler outlet prices They recognized that knowledge is power. They sought to improve their minds in order to improve their country. We saw hundreds of colleges founded in the nineteenth century, including the first colleges for women and black Americans. We moncler outlet jackets do not aim to discourage users sharing their modded vehicles (on the contrary, we welcome those 3s bearing evidence of additional/extra TLC). An eye will be kept, though, in posts that thread the needle of safety/legality, especially those that attempt to bluntly encourage other users to engage in unsafe/illegal practices. In short, after closed circuit disclosure and notice to posters and/or commentators, any post/comments may be removed by the Moderator team if found to be in violation of general road safety standards.. moncler outlet prices

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